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Privacy and cookies

Privacy and Cookies

1. Automattic Inc.

Websites which are hosted as subdomains of wordpress.com (like this one), are operated by Automattic Inc.

To understand their attitude and approach to cookies and your privacy, we recommend that you should read their Privacy Policy which you can read by clicking this link (opens in a new window or tab).

2. Implications of Automattic Inc’s Privacy Policy for this site

Regarding this site, we have no way of setting or amending cookies, and given the paragraph on Cookies discussed in Automattic Inc’s Privacy Policy, users should not need to change any of their current browser settings that concern their use of cookies.

3. WordPress.com provides webmasters with anonymous information that’s automatically collected (see #1 above)

In common with other sites, the servers log the number of visits to the site, and the number of hits on its files and web pages to build up an aggregate analysis of usage, most popular files/articles/pages and other related data including:

* number of visitors
* number of views of pages and posts
* followers
* referrers
* country of origin
* search engine terms used

These logs are private, and password protected.

4. Our approach to your privacy

  1. We respect the privacy of our users.
  2. The aim of our privacy policy is to avoid asking for personal information about or from our users.
  3. In the context of (2) above, queries and comments relating to this site can only be made by those who are already registered with wordpress, twitter, or facebook.

5. Complience

This site, and the information on this page, has been created to comply with relevant European Law on privacy and cookies.

Page amended: 21 May 2013